2016. 03 Pacific Electric Right-of-Way Greening Project

MAY 2017


LATEST SCHEDULE      Construction Begins   Fall 2017

Although we’re about one to two months behind the projected schedule, things are happening!

The project went out to bid on 3.29.17 with bids due by 4.26.17. Construction will be awarded to the lowest responsible bidder; approval of the bid should go to City Council in June or July.  Construction should start sometime late summer or early fall with completion about 4 months later. Once completed, the right-of-way will be closed for 90 days to allow for vegetation and trees to become established.

As a reminder, current funding will not cover the entire project so the plan will be completed in phases.The first phase will include entrances at both Park and Ximeno, electrical and irrigation infrastructure, a walking path the entire length, trees, signs, and some vegetation. Final decisions on other amenities such as lights, boulders etc will depend on how the bids come in relative to projected cost vs. available funds.


MARCH 2016

At a March 3, 2016 meeting, consultants reviewed the final design plans for the PERoW between Park and Ximeno. Because initial funding of approximately $900,000 is not sufficient to cover the cost of the entire project, work will be completed in phases.

Although final decisions cannot be made until the project is put to bid and cost estimates received, it is expected that the first phase will include: installation of infrastructure for lighting and irrigation; construction of the entrance nodes at Park and Ximeno  including all hardscape and landscaping; construction of the walking path from Park to Ximeno; and the planting of trees along the length of the project. If we’re lucky, path lighting might be installed in this first phase.

Councilwoman Price and city staff are working on securing additional funding to complete the project. It is expected that the construction contract for this first phase  will be awarded in July or August with construction beginning in September. How exciting!


PERoW Entrance at Ximeno

PERoW Entrance at 4th & Park

Native Plant & Tree Options

Path Lighting


History and Background

1960                       Pacific Electric Red Car stopped running
2009                       Early planning interrupted by Termino Drain Project
2010                       BHCA, 3rd  District Council, and City staff meet to secure funds for planning
2012                       Walking tour and meetings with City, BHCA, and residents.
2012                        Review of plans prepared by Richard Fisher Associates (City Consultant)
2012                       Online Survey of Belmont Heights residents conducted by BHCA
2013                       Presentation of Survey results to BHCA, 3rd  District Council and City staff
2014                       Presentation of revised plans

2013 BHCA Preference Survey Results for PEROW between Park and Ximeno,  150 respondents

Pedestrian focus with areas for seating and resting
Dog walking
Passive park
Low, drought resistant plants
Boulders and benches
Soft, water absorbent surface for walking
Low light for night walking
Safety a big concern, Kids use parkway for walking to and from school
No desire for community gardens

Meeting Minutes
Updated Plans


With the completion of the Termino Avenue drain project, we are working with the Councilman's office to develop a plan to green the portion of the right-of-way between Park and Ximeno. An initial meeting of interested residents and members of the BHCA Board was held on February 18, 2012. The group convened at the corner of 4th and Park to walk the area and then met at a meeting room at the Bridgeport Condominiums. Please click here to review minutes from that meeting:

PE right-of-way minutes from 2/18/2012

A subsequent meeting hosted by Councilman De Long was held on March 7. Please view a thorough summary of the meeting from 562 City Life posted under the "News" link. A meeting to review plans presented by the consultants on this project was held on June 26, 2012 with further discussion at the BHCA meeting on July 11. Please see those minutes for a summary of the discussion and for a link to the plans.

In recent months, an on-line survey gathered opinions from the community regarding design elements to the PEROW. Subsequent community meetings resulted in revised plans presented to the BHCA at the June 13, 2013 meeting. Please click on the following link to review those plans.

PEROW Revised Plans

With community input from the June meeting, Anna Mendiola from Parks and Rec will be seeking funding to prepare final designs and an EIR. At the same time, we are working with Anna and her staff to pursue funding for the entire project. Final design preparation and the EIR could take up to 2 years. But don't be discouraged -- we will get there!




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