Medical Marijuana Ordinance

November 2017 Update

On November 8, 2016, the citizens of Long Beach voted to approve the regulatory portion of Measure MM, making it legal to own and operate a medical marijuana business in the City of Long Beach. The ordinance allows for medical marijuana dispensaries, delivery, manufacturing, cultivation, distribution, and laboratory testing. The newly added Long Beach Municipal Code (LBMC) Chapter 5.90 requires medical marijuana businesses to be licensed by the State following the State issuing licenses beginning in January 2018.

Complete information on the MM municipal code and the MM business process can be found on the City's website by clicking on this link.  

A map of licensed and pending MM locations can be found on the MM Information page found here. Scroll down to the MM Business Locations link.

Historical information on the MM ordinance is below. So as to avoid confusion, we have deleted the old ordinance and map links.

March 2015 Status

Please note updated information on the medical marijuana ordinance as follows:

At the Council's request, a Staff Report was issued on March 24, 2015 to address questions raised by Council members. Also released was a revised map that includes additional buffer areas. A review of the ordinance and subsequent staff report includes the following highlights from 57 pages of print. 

  • Allows a total of 18 dispensaries; each district can have up to 5 locations
  • Marijuana sold in Long Beach must be cultivated in the City
  • Each business must include cultivation and dispensing; this can be done at one site or separate sites
  • Cultivation sites are only allowed in industrial zones
  • Dispensing sites are only allowed in CHW (Regional Highway District) or CCA (Community Automobile-Oriented District) zones with the following buffers:
    • 1,000 feet from libraries, parks, licensed childcare facilities (including preschool), elementary and middle schools
    • 1,500 feet from high schools
    • 500 foot separation from above buffer zones
  • Locations must be 300 feet from residential zones
  • Hours of operation shall be 8 a.m. to 7 p.m.
  • Each business shall require a business license and conditional use permit (CUP); permits shall be issued for a 5 year period
  • Only residents of Long Beach are permitted to purchase medical marijuana at dispensaries

The reports also identify these issues:

  • The potential proliferation of unsanctioned medical marijuana dispensaries; according to some estimates the ratio can be as high as 7:1; unsanctioned businesses pose a number of potential problems for the City
  • A division within the police department should be created to handle issues related to this ordinance; doing so would divert police resources from current tasks
  • This ordinance is more restrictive than the previous ordinance
  • The ordinance establishes a Medical Marijuana Task Force (non-paid members)
  • Medical marijuana is a cash based business and categorized as “not for profit”; the City will rely on “self reporting” of income

A complete report on the fiscal impact to the City will be completed by June 1. Of note to the residents of Belmont Heights is that proposed locations in the 3rd District are at the intersection of PCH/7th/Bellflower and 7th. This item will likely be discussed at the City Council sometime in June. If you have an opinion on this issue, please share that with our Councilwoman, Suzie Price @ [email protected] or [email protected]


Councilwoman Price asked that we share the following message from her regarding the Medical Marijuana ordinance. If you have an opinion that you would like to share with her, please do so by March 13, 2015; her contact information is below.

From Councilwoman Price:

On Tuesday, February 10th the City held a five and a half hour study session regarding the proposed Medical Marijuana ordinance. In my opinion the debate is not about patients having access to marijuana for medical alignments but rather as your City Council representative it is my fiduciary duty to engage in policy decisions that the City can afford. It is factual that the City does not know if our general fund will be tapped to cover expenses related to public safety, building and safety concerns, lengthy litigation that the City has been engaged in and will continue to be engaged in on this subject, and the financial accounting of this operation, which is not supported by the banking industry. These are just a few of my immediate concerns.

The attached map (deleted) shows where the proposed medical marijuana locations could be located within the 3rd District. Buffer zones near schools and parks are included therefore according to the map dispensaries would be located near the iron triangle (intersection of PCH, 7th Street, and Bellflower) and near 7th Street and Newport Avenue. There are City Councilmembers and supporters of medical marijuana that want to see this ordinance get approved in the very near future. I would appreciate feedback from residents on this subject and welcome hearing your views for, or against this policy.

Below is the link to Tuesday’s Study Session, at 51 minutes and at 4 hours and 57 minutes you can view my comments on this subject.


Suzie Price, Councilwoman, 3rd District 

[email protected][email protected]

Field Office: 562.570-8756 │ City Hall: 562.570-6300 │Fax: 562.570-6186

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