2016. 06 General Plan Update

City of Long Beach

General Plan Update

In preparation for the June 8, 2016 BHCA monthly meeting, we are providing information on the pending important updates to the City’s General Plan.  Find out the latest on proposed updates at the meeting.  Note:  the updates are subject to the Environmental Review process and the Draft Environmental Impact Reports (DEIRs) have not yet been issued.  There will be opportunities for public input into the eventual final documents.  Keep posted on the BHCA website.

The City’s state-mandated General Plan currently contains 13 elements (see below).  Periodically, those elements are updated and the city is in the process of updating the Land Use Element (LUE) – which is considered the heart of the general plan.  The following is from the City’s Public Notice/Notice of Preparation of a Draft Environmental Impact Report:  The LUE serves as a roadmap directing the long-term physical development of the City.  The proposed LUE would introduce the concept of “PlaceTypes,” which would replace the current approach of segregating property within the City through traditional land use designations and zoning classifications.  The updated LUE would establish primary PlaceTypes that would divide the City into distinct neighborhoods, thus allowing for greater flexibility and a mix of compatible land uses within these areas.

In addition to the LUE, the City is proposing to adopt a new element to the General Plan called the Urban Design Element (UDE).  From the Notice:  the UDE aims to improve the City’s PlaceTypes by creating great places, improving the urban fabric, public spaces, and defining edges, thoroughfares, and corridors.  By improving the urban fabric, the City would allow for new development that would complement the existing historical development while serving as a unique and distinctive feature of the City.

Click here to see the Notice of Preparation (NOP)

Click here to see the Initial Study (88 pages)

Click here to see the Draft Land Use Element – LUE (179 pages)

Click here to see the Draft Urban Design Element - UDE (102 pages)


General Plan Element and Year Adopted

Historic Preservation - adopted  2010

Open Space - adopted 2002

Housing Element - adopted  2014

Air Quality - adopted 1996

Mobility Element - adopted 2013

Land Use - adopted 1989

Seismic Safety - adopted 1988

Local Coastal Program - adopted 1980

Noise adopted 1975

Public Safety - adopted 1975

Conservation adopted - 1973

Scenic Routes - adpted 1975

GP Maps & Descriptions - adopted 1989


Follow this link to the Planning Department’s General Plan page which contains links to all the elements of the GP.





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