Join One of Our Neighborhood Improvement Teams 

A survey of members and residents identified the top four problems that impact the quality of life in our neighborhood last year.  Join one of our teams, add your creative ideas and helping hands.

Noise Team
Fighting Noise from Helicopters, Leaf Blowers, Motorcycles.
Ken Konrad – Team Leader

Parking Team
Bill Marshall – Team Leader

Crime Team
Fighting bicycle thefts. Working with LBPD Eastern Division

Traffic Team
Fighting speeding cars on our neighborhood streets.

Get Involved in Our Routine Tasks

There are many ways to get involved.  We can use any number of skills and talents. Listed below is a sampling of the routine tasks the Association does to keep the organization going.  If you would like to contribute some time and have the interest, please contact us.  If you want to learn more about one of these areas, let us know.  If you want to donate just a few hours occasionally or on a regular basis, we welcome your contribution.

Quarterly Newspaper
Write an article
Deliver papers
Edit and proofread copy
Sell advertising space

Monthly Meetings
Set up and Clean up: chairs and tables
Greet and sign in attendees
Work the Promotional Item Table
Work the Membership Table
Arrange for Speakers
Arrange for Sponsors
Facilitate a meeting
Create Presentation Materials
Create Membership Materials
Set-up Sound and Audio Visual Equipment
Take Video and Photos
Facebook streaming

Social Media
Post Facebook articles
Send out Email Blasts
Post website graphics and copy

Maintain excel sheet membership list
Send monthly and quarterly email reminders
Send out Biannual New Owner and Lapsed member letters

Promotional Items
Maintain and Refresh Inventory
Write promotional copy with graphics

Get Involved in Land Use, Zoning Issues that impact Belmont Heights

Review City Plans and Policies
Write summary reports

Get Involved in One of Our Special Events

We often need volunteers to support special projects or events.  Check our Calendar.
Tree Planting
Art Show
Make A Difference Day



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