September 2017 BHCA Monthly Meeting Minutes

BHCA Monthly Minutes Sept 13, 2017

Maureen Neeley (President) called the meeting to order at 7:03 p.m. She thanked everyone for bringing potluck dishes to share, and acknowledged the board and Nina Moussavi from Councilwoman Price’s office.

Maureen went over possible topics to discuss and then audience voted on five topics to discuss. These five were selected: ADUs, the General Plan, Noise, Wire Blight, and Speeding.

ADUs were explained. Attendees brought up problems of overcrowding schools, possibility of changing unused retail to housing, and parking. Maureen said we need to formulate ADU policy so has least impact on BH especially with global warming.  Maureen detailed our recommendations regarding initial 1200 ft2 proposal. BHCA suggested an 800 ft2 maximum size to the Planning Commission, which recommended 1000 ft2 and increase to 30% from 25% of green space. Maureen explained graphs and answered questions. Neil suggested incentives like more parking for getting to 1000 ft2? ADUs will be constrained by lot size. Proposal comes to Council Oct 10th.

General Plan changes for BH. Dianne Sundstrom (Board Member) discussed problem of “place types,” e.g., residential of different types, commercial. Height changes up to 4 stories at 7th and Redondo and generally three and four stories on commercial corridors. BHCA concerned about historic houses and bldgs. (e.g., Hunter Drug). The Planning Dept says it plans to protect historic areas. What mitigations are available? Who’s driving this? Coming from State saying we need to build more housing. Economics are driving higher housing height limits. Next City meeting on this topic in our neighborhood will be on Oct 14th Golden Sails Hotel meeting on General Plan.

Dianne discussed Noise. Nina Moussavi (CD3 Field Officer) will send link to City’s survey on noise for BHCA to send out, if they are still taking comments. Nina discussed the proposed leaf blower ordinance to regulate types of blowers.  Expect ordinance this Fall and little opposition is expected. Nina will let us know when it comes to Council. Motorcycles cause noise as well. Let Nina know if a specific place and time there is motorcycle noise and she will inform LBPD.

Maureen discussed Wire Blight. CPUC has been very hesitant about defining abandoned wires, leaving it to telecom companies. Sydney Simon (BHCA Treasurer) noted Diana Tang from the City will help us draft legislation and to revise GO 95 to define abandon wires. Sydney also noted that if Governor Brown signs S.B. 649, cellular apparatus can be placed on any public property in the city, with little compensation or oversight by the municipal governments throughout the state. The City is opposed to SB 649 because it takes away local control and revenue. Sydney encouraged everyone to call Speaker Anthony Rendon and Assembly Member O’Donnell to oppose SB 649. (the following Friday, this Bill passed the Senate). Cities should be able to determine where the boxes go and obtain revenue from them.

Regarding Traffic Safety, Val Hoffman (resident) discussed the accident on Broadway with Ellen and her dog.  Ellen suffered many broken bones and the dog was killed. The neighborhood has been advocating to put in hard medians on Broadway. The intersection of Colorado and Roycroft is also in need of speed monitoring. Mira Mar & Broadway is dangerous because of Betty Brite Cleaners with parking in front that obstructs vision.

Can we put in more crosswalks? Can we get more police presence? Can we get blinking crosswalks at Termino and Broadway. Even Ximeno & Broadway intersection accidents are increasing. Can we get bulb outs to calm traffic? We need to bring in the traffic engineer to review what is working and what is not. Maureen suggested we need more driver education. One audience member only uses crosswalks even though pedestrians have right away everywhere. Nina noted just City hired a new Mobility Expert who will try to teach people rules of the road.

Will Cullen (Board member) discussed 7-Eleven coming to 3rd and Redondo. Owner sold unconditional liquor license. It’s a done deal. Two private citizens are taking on 7-11, succeeding in making 7-11 mad. The company now refuses to work with the community at all.

CD3 News

Nina explained replanting of Broadway medians with approved plants. Dianne pointed out plants originally planted were not drought tolerant. People can pick up removed plants Sept 14th if they want them.

There is a 3rd District community meeting 10 am Thurs September 23rd at the Gaslamp—architects and planners will talk about building around wetlands.

“Around the table” event at field office 12-30-1:30 also on Thursday the 23rd. See

Council meeting will vote to send SEASP to Coastal Commission on September 19th.

City homeless shelter planned. LA County using “housing first” approach to support homeless shelter. Council is studying other cities’ approaches.

Transient encampments: The City policy is to post for 72 hours when people camping when there is illegal camping. Police post notice that homeless belongings will be cleared out in 72 hours. After 72 hours, homeless move out for a day and then return. LBPD Ofc. Johnny Dodson tries to work with homeless to get them services but will cite or arrest if necessary. Someone said she liked Suzie’s editorial in Grunion. Nina pointed out nothing could be done to overturn Prop 47.

Maureen announced we will be getting a new East Division Commander, Eric Herzon. She and Kathleen Brady (resident and BHCA Crime Committee) noted that departing LBPD East Side Division commander Liz Griffin appreciated our group because we seek to be sensible and issue oriented.

Respectfully submitted,
Douglas Domingo-Forasté

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