November 2017 BHCA Monthly Meeting Minutes

BHCA Monthly Meeting Minutes NOV 8, 2017

Linda Pemberton introduced:

The Board
Dave Clement -- assisting with check-in
Anika Ballent, education director of Algalita, presenting on Plastic Ocean
Sponsor this month: Primal Alchemy Catering: Crystal Angulo, Operations Manager,  and Paul the chief chef and owner who discussed their business

Anika presented on Capt Charles Moore’s work—plastics forming new habitat in ocean and changing chemistry

Coastal species living under plastic in middle of ocean

Goal: Prevent further plastic pollution

Four pillars:   (1) monitoring
                        (2) education & youth leadership
                        (3) education of communities
                        (4) connect with plastics industry & help them figure out way to plastic-smart future

1994-1997 first phase—CM discovered floating plastic debris on way back from Hawaii

1999-2015 second phase—worked with SCCWRP to develop protocol to monitor plastics in ocean—found plastic was breaking down—discovered Great Pacific Garbage Patch; sparked anti-plastic movement; focused on education because of community need and request

2016-Today—succession and sustainability—how transmit knowledge


Transparent & credible
Receptive and inclusive

Education programs

Teacher training
Taking students out on boat
Program to gather sand and put results on line
Youth summit for kids 11-18
Internship program for college students
New program: Youth Innovation Forum for kids interested in engineering and politics

City of LB styrofoam (EPS) ban in process of drafting ordinance
Ocean Cleanup will clean up 50% of patch in 5 years
Working with LBUSD
Plastics come mostly from land—not beach or ocean
Plastics in two groups: Consumer waste & industrial waste (pellets from accidents)
Plastics have replaced glass, metal, wood, etc
Many good things from plastics because it’s cheap to ship

322M tons produced and found in all water bodies, in foods, in air, in soil,
Debris concentrated at 30º in both northern and southern hemispheres
Video of sediment deposit under microscope
Use manta trawl to find plastic soup
Passed around jar with plastics—affecting ecosystem
Can be ingested by plankton
Sea birds ingest it and cause them to starve to death b/c they feel satiated
Birds can also be chemically poisoned
Entanglement hurts animal.
Also being worked into the geology of anthropocene

What can we do?

Keep watersheds clean
Can’t compost plastic so we must redesign, refuse, reduce, reuse, recycle
Say no to straws
Reusable water bottle
Bring Tupperware
Bring own cutlery
Look at transitioning from create, use, dispose system

Questions answered:

Microbeads and pellets are different
Microbeads now banned
Resin pellets basic ingredient of plastic products

Work with City of LB—not much
Working with plastics trade group to change plastics industry
Plastic waste hurting brand of users
Not eating plastic in flesh of fish but eating plastic in shellfish
A lot of recycled plastic by consumers doesn’t actually getting recycled
1-2 easy to recycle, 3-7 much harder to recycle
PLA #7 is biodegradable plastic in industrial composter

Other Business:

Sydney presented Treasurer’s Report
Linda went over membership report
Linda mentioned need for Sponsor coordinator, newsletter deliverers,
Britten Weber talked about book club
Linda next reported on Dec 11th party
Dianne reported on the Adopt a Family program and Toy Drive
Will reported on Coat Drive—Juanita Miller runs program
Sydney reported on new signal box painting at 3rd & Redondo
Sydney has merchandise
Kathleen reported on libraries that will check out engraving kits for bikes, cameras, lawn equipment, etc
Linda reported on LUE and ADU ordinance and building heights in LUE

Nina Moussavi reported on

pending marijuana shops,
traffic assessment meeting,
6th Street Bike Blvd,
the OC lawsuit settlement for $13M,
Nov 11 Veteran’s Day Parade,
possible Garage Clean Up Day,
monthly community meeting

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