May 2017 BHCA Monthly Meeting Minutes

Maureen Neeley, President, called meeting to order.
56 attendees signed the roster

Maureen introduced the Board and guests:
Celinda Frey from En Pointe Dance & Fitness at 7th & Termino sponsored our refreshments; Celinda is a community member AND is having baby next week. THANK YOU!
Tom Modica, Assistant City Manager; Nina Moussavi, CD3

Tom Modica
Tom reviewed a host of economic and development issues and projects occurring in and around our neighborhood. Click here to view his presentation.

A question and answer session followed the presentation:
Q:           IOC looking at Belmont Pier for sailing in 2024. Will there be IOC money?
A:            Six events—water polo, handball, open water swimming, sailing and two others. Unlikely to get money from IOC
Q:           Will Belmont Pier have concessions at end?
A:            Maybe
Q:           When will 6th St Bike Blvd be built?
A:            Not sure
Q:           Desalination?
A:            Too expensive
Q:           New pool to host Olympics?
A:            Too small
Q:           Homeless camps on LA River (County jurisdiction?)
A:            LB coordinated response—camps addressed, services offered, many choose to ignore offers of services
                21% reduction in homeless population, but more dispersed
                Most money from Fed through Multi-services Center
                $350M to LA County so we hope to get money
                County comes through four to six times a year to clear homeless encampments from the LA river  bike path
(Maureen mentioned pocket guide of City and County Services available on our table)
Q:           Ecological restoration of beach such as that taking place in Santa Monica
A:            No plans at present
Q:           Next Tuesday’s Council meeting re: Belmont Pool—Could it be built elsewhere to keep beach sand? Could cost less elsewhere
A:            We won’t have Tidelands money to use away from the coastal area; Coastal Commission will rule on location

Nina Moussavi from Councilwoman Price’s office

2nd and PCH project

Community Meeting May 13th 10 AM at Gaslamp
EIR team to answer questions
Also tsunami and earthquake preparedness


May 4th to Planning Commission study session
Fewer housing units
New Impact Fee for Wetlands
June 1st to Planning Commission approval

General Plan

June 15th to Planning Commission for study session

6th Street Bike Blvd

90 working day contract start in July finish by end of year

7-11 at 3rd and Redondo, 2nd District

7-11 hired law firm to see what city can do regarding restricting hours, etc.

Lagoon grand opening Saturday May 20th 9-11 AM

Comments/questions from residents:

Street sign at 3rd and Redondo weathered—needs replacement
Vista & Redondo—pedestrian light very slow response
A: City is synchronizing lights
Ximeno & Livingston trucks prohibited but not enforced—what does sign mean? Nina will follow-up and report back
What is the street light replacement?
A: Still evaluating but will fix lights shining into houses
Coffee shop at Appian at Nieto?
A: Construction starting up again
How long are building permits good for? Nina did not know.
Starling Diner expanding into street—to whom do we comment?
Maureen: BHCA & Lisa West just found out about it

Very abbreviated process
Possible off-site meeting with BHCA, neighbors, owners, architects, CD3
Theresa & Ximeno dangerous—how to improve? Crosswalk?

Cherry & 4th—Parking lot requires payment in handicapped spaces
6th Street Bike Blvd – Elaine would like to see all affected residents notified

BHCA Updates

Treasurer’s Report – BHCA doing well
New swag – Sydney showed hats and T’s

BHCA Task Force Teams


90813 joined 90814 to be top-ten helicopter noise complainer
Parking distributed brochures along all commercial corridors to businesses

Crime (Kathleen)—Increase in street robberies in our area

Brochures on robberies
Community watch useful

Tree planning May 13th 9 AM


June 14th—Talking Trash
August 9th—Alan Lowenthal, Congressperson
May 20th—Lagoon Unveiling
May 21st—Book club 3 PM
June 4th—Potluck and Planning
October play “The Heights” by Musical Theatre West – BHCA night? Need volunteer

Maureen introduced the "Community Voices" table

The meeting was adjourned at 8:45 pm.
Submitted by Doug Foraste, Secretary


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