March 2017 Monthly Meeting Minutes

The March 8, 2017 meeting called to order by Maureen Neeley, President, at 7:11 p.m.

Meeting Attendance – approximately 25
Jack Cunningham represented Councilperson Suzie Price

Meeting Sponsor
Meeting was a potluck without a sponsor

Maureen talked about website updates
Introduced Board members and former board members

Evening Plan
Report from committees to see how goals were met from last year

Community Survey – “Speed Planning”
Ashley Waugh introduced“4 Simple Questions”

  • What new problems should we address other than Crime, Noise, and Parking?
    Answers to this would be tallied and discussed tonight. The following answers would be combined with an email survey in the future.
  • What was your favorite or most informative meeting?
  • What would you change about BHCA?
  • What activities would you choose to participate in in the BHCA?

Board Election Results
Maureen announced results of elections—slate was elected unanimously via email vote (March 2-6)

  • Maureen Neeley—President
  • Linda Pemberton—VP
  • Sydney Simon—Treasurer
  • Doug Forasté—Secretary
  • Dianne Sundstrom—Member-at-large
  • Bill Davis—Member-at-large
  • Will Cullen—Member-at-large

Congratulations to all! Maureen thanked past board member, Neal Vincent, for his considerable contributions while serving for the past two years

Special Guest Discussions
Maureen introduced Jack Cunningham, Councilwoman Suzie Price’s chief of staff; He encouraged residents to sign up for Suzie’s e-newsletter at

Introduced CopLogic, a new mobile app to report a crime online. The types of police reports that can be filed online include:

  • Annoying/harassing phone calls
  • Thefts and attempted thefts
  • Non-injury hit and run traffic collisions (parked vehicles with no witnesses)
  • Lost property
  • Vandalism/graffiti

Crimes with suspect information, involving firearms, or theft of medication, passports, and license plate registration tags are not eligible for online reporting.

To file a report, access Coplogic by visiting the Long Beach Police Department’s website at and clicking on the Coplogic icon, or through the recently updated free “GO LBPD” mobile app available for download at the Apple App Store and at the Google Play Marketplace

Jack also reported on

  • Rash of hate graffiti that Councilperson is very upset about and does not represent BH or LB
  • Marina Vista Park added sport court from youth participatory budgeting. Grand Opening March 18th 10 AM. Suzie’s 3rd District community meeting will take place immediately following the Grand Opening, same location. All residents are invited.
  • City Council actions—
    • Council asked staff to study restricting people in street medians with report from City Attorney to improve safety
    • Next week at Council: proposal to make handicapped parking with meters free in City owned lots —consistent with state law
    • Report on limiting RV street parking report will be coming. Council will hear this item at a future meeting
    • With Measure A—street resurfacing will start, including alleys
    • Street Pavement Index to be done prior to surfacing to help prioritize work
    • LB Police will patrol Blue Line within LB and maybe Compton and Carson
    • “Walk the Walk” Mar 25th from Peninsula to Temple Israel for talk on tsunami preparation. 8:00 a.m. meeting at entrance to Peninsula.
    • Alamitos Bridge dedication Mar 25th  at 11:00 a.m. Gather at Loynes and Costa del Sol.
    • Concert Mar 26th Marine Stadium at 4:30 p.m.
    • Jack fielded questions from residents on
      • police staffing for traffic enforcement, particularly Colorado. Jack will report back on the results of a previous speed study of this street.
      • RV parking – Study and vote will be forthcoming
      • sanctuary city – rationale for not publicly proclaiming
      • Blue Line sheriff’s station – will LBPD share with Sheriffs?

Review of Last Year
Maureen & Linda reported on

  • BHCA financial situation improvement
  • Newsletter growth (Bill)
  • Outreach
  • Newsletter 3,300 households quarterly
  • Email list 582
  • Meeting attendance average 60
  • FB page – 500 friends/likes
  • Consistent newspaper coverage of meetings, events
  • Suzie Price newsletter
  • Welcome letter for new homeowners
  • Donations - $650 last year | larger budget projected for 2017
  • Website revisions – working on it now; nearly done
  • Events suggested by residents – 2016 reflected survey with Art Show, Holiday Party, Tree Plantings
  • Problems to solve – 2016 survey resulted in the formulation of 3 teams:

                        Noise (Ken Konrad)

                        Parking (Bill Marshall)

                        Crime (Doug)

·         Fourth issue identified in Speed Planning exercise earlier was TRAFFIC

Breakout into four groups & feedback from these groups on these issues

  • Noise (Ken Konrad) – gained 3 new members, plan to meet with Horace Mann PTA, plan to host a BHCA meeting devoted to the nuances of noise reduction in the neighborhood
  • Parking (Bill Marshall) – Plan to keep on with current initiatives of the parking inventory, and garage clean-outs. New data: garages rent out for about $125/month
  • Crime (Doug Forasté) – Several residents are interested in helping with this team. Bike thefts are of great concern and will be a focus for this year by offering easy ways to register bikes, offer engraving services, and plan some bike tutorials in the community. This team needs a community facilitator (Board liaison is Doug)
  • Traffic – New team may be activated with this topic. Several residents offered anecdotal stories that general speeding and unsafe driving habits seems to be increasing. Can the city explore strategic speed bumps, especially for Colorado? Also, be sure to get Colorado speed survey results. This team needs a community facilitator and a Board liaison before it can activate. Please contact [email protected] if you are interested in this topic.

Next BHCA meeting will be April 12th. Synergy will present its plan for consolidating oil operations to allow for expansion and restoration of the Los Cerritos Wetlands. They will also sponsor the refreshments.

Meeting was adjourned at 8:40.

Submitted by Doug Forasté, BHCA Secretary
March 9, 2017

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