July 2017 BHCA Monthly Meeting Minutes

Maureen Neeley called the meeting to order at 7:05 pm.

Maureen introduced Polly Adams with New American Funding, who graciously supplied our refreshments. 

Guest Speaker
Maureen introduced Commander Liz Griffin, LBPD East Division

From Commander Griffin:
She has been in her current position for two years. She noted that 2017 crime is down from 2016 (but acknowledged that it had increased significantly in 2016)—and stated there are no big problems in Belmont Heights.
Petty theft not often reported—need to be to get more officers in certain areas, and they are allocated when crimes are reported. ACTION: Residents need to continue to report, even petty theft.
Don’t give thieves opportunities. Make sure you file a report. You can file online to report many crimes: To file a report, access Coplogic by visiting the Long Beach Police Department’s website at www.longbeach.gov/police and clicking on the Coplogic icon, or through the recently updated free “GO LBPD” mobile app available for download at the Apple App Store and at the Google Play Marketplace

Questions & Answers

Q. Shall we call 911 or 562.435.6711? Doesn’t really matter except from cell might go to CHP.  They’ll ask if it’s an emergency if they’re busy. Ask to be contacted when making a report, that way you’ll know when and how your call was followed up.
The LBPD no longer subscribe to CrimeReports.com. The Department will be introducing a new, more up-to-date and user-friendly vendor.

Q. Are Prop 47 changes possible? The commander hadn’t heard this, but a BHCA member noted that there is interest in making theft amounts cumulative, not just individual amounts of $900.

Q. Bike Thefts. Can you stop someone if he is stealing your bike? Yes. You can also initiate a citizen’s arrest. The best way to register your own bike is to do the following:

Take a picture of your bike
Write down the serial number
Etch your license / Cal I.D. number onto the frame

In the event your bike is stolen, but sure to report it. If the police see someone with a suspicious bike, they can stop that person, run the serial number or etched license number. If it is reported stolen, they will be able to make an arrest.

Street robberies. We are seeing more crimes of opportunity (purse grabbing, cell phone thefts out of the hands of pedestrians), and use of weapons.

Fireworks. Police were out in force, but finding perpetrators was very difficult. Hard to control. The Commander was on patrol that night as well.

Q. How is Long Beach handling reporting to Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE)? LBPD does not ask immigration status while on calls, nor hold arrestees for ICE. But, they continue to work with ICE if they pick up serious felons or are investigating smuggling through Port.

Q. How is Long Beach implementing or working “Vision Zero.” LBPD received $340K from Office of Transportation and Safety for working on pedestrian safety and bicycle safety. Stings targeting drivers AND pedestrians acting unsafe are underway.

Q. Are our streets currently updated for speed control and can officers use radar? Yes, all of our streets have updated surveys, allowing the use and enforcement of radar for speed detection.

Q. Body cameras? Use of these are still in the pilot program phase—only maybe 40 officers have them.

Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design.” The Commander discussed how to protect your home through design. For more details on this, see the Summer issue (published August 1) of the BHCA newsletter.

CD3 Report from Nina Moussavi from Councilwoman Price’s office:

Scheduled Meetings:
7/13 @ 6 PM Public Safety Committee at Fire Dept 2249 Argonne
7/20 @ 6 PM Third District Community Meeting: Alamitos Bay Yacht Club re: Measure A
7/31 @ 6 PM at field office re:  landscaping in Broadway medians

PEROW approved for full funding at 7/11/ 17 Council—project will be done all at once
6th Street Bike Blvd—working on traffic plan and construction plan—work not yet scheduled
Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs) not yet scheduled to go to Council—some Planning Commission modification based on suggestions of BHCA. Maureen explained modifications to ADU zoning restrictions -- see article in Summer 2017 newsletter
Nina talked about two issues coming to City Council: 1) A parking mitigation recommendation: (streamlining the permit process to expand a garage to fit a larger vehicle) and 2) the Mayor’s proposal to “Clean Up Long Beach” 

BHCA Updates / Neighborhood Business

Treasurer’s report - $16,021 balance

New merchandise—25% off old merchandise; new merchandise will be featured in the summer newsletter

New trees need deep watering, not just sprinklers—Port funded these trees to remove carbon from the atmosphere

Elaine O’Neill reported on LED streetlight conversion—SCE contract for 4000 Kelvin lights are too harsh with extra glare. Suzie Price advocated for the next round of installed lights to be at 3000 Kelvin. Those streets with the 4000 K already installed will be switched out for the 3000K next fiscal year. For Belmont Heights, that means many streets will have to suffer through the harsh, blue light until the warmer lights can be replaced. You can also request a shield, if the LED is shining into your house and disturbing your family. Contact Nina at [email protected].

Helicopter noise advocacy – see last month’s success with proposed legislation

Parking inventory slated to start soon. Consultant will meet with BHCA and staff to confirm parameters.

Starling Diner—After community outreach, the consensus was that no parklet will be permitted, but there will be a compromise design that provides outdoor seating and waiting areas, without blocking the sidewalk or taking away parking.

Wire and Telecommunications Issues Dianne Sundstrom reported a new development regarding the ongoing problems with telecom wires in our neighborhood. Although the BHCA has continued working on trying to clean up the wire mess and push for a re-interpretation of what an "abandoned wire" is, not much progress has been made. Now, a new bill going through the State legislature, Senate Bill 649, will taken even more control away from local governments as it relates to wireless expansion. Today, local governments control where the equipment is placed and are able to charge fees for the installation. Under this bill, local governments wouldn't have the power to deny permits if telecoms followed the minimum guidelines set by the State. Further, it would significantly impact what local governments can charge telecoms for installation of equipment. Narrow strips along the waterfront are exempt (how did that happen?) as are Historic Districts. Look for more information from the BHCA as we work with our City leaders, State leaders and other neighborhoods on this issue.  Read the bill. 
Read an article in the LA Times on the bill here.


Future BHCA Meetings

8/9 Alan Lowenthal
9/10 TBA
10/11 History of Spanish Bungalow - Kev Dougherty
10/6 BHAA Art Reception Opening

To watch a live video of the meeting, click on this link to our Facebook page!

Respectfully submitted
Douglas Forasté, Secretary
July 15, 2017




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