January 2018 BHCA Monthly Meeting Minutes

Minutes from Jan 10, 2018

Maureen opened meeting at 7 PM and made introductions and announcements about issues we are involved with. She noted Councilmember Suzie Price’s handout on the LUE and summarized treasurer’s report

Dianne reported about meeting with Sen Ricardo Lara to develop definition what is an “abandoned wire.”

Maureen announced possible closing of Community Hospital and mentioned forthcoming newsletter; detailed PERoW greenbelt status and opening in March; noted there is no meeting on February 14th; solicited help for Hospitality/Program Coordinator & Artists’ Association Coordinator; announced candidate meet & greet in March including candidates running unopposed; briefly mentioned other events Crop Swap and CSULB Basketball; and introduced snack sponsor: Charles from Showgrow.

Suzie Price talked about a number of issues:

Public Safety—Crime lowered homicides to 22 as compared to 33 last year
Businesses locating here want to see improved crime stats
Introduced Commander Herzog, East Division Commander
Hired 90 police officers
Restored Engine 8 for better response times
Restored Rescue 12 and LBPD South Division
Homelessness problems addressed
Bike theft
Panhandling in median—approved ordinance that prohibits standing on median where speed limit is more than 35
Opioid detailing—heroin use high
Supported HEART team and Ofc Johnny Dodson—15 to 17 contacts to get someone to accept services
Exploring program Social Impact Bonds—
Ban on RV parking more than 72 hours
Brought an item for Bike registration
Year-round homeless shelter covered by Prop H money
Funded Neighborhood Impact Prosecutor in 3rd District
Mentioned GoLB App to report problems
Budget/Economy—continuing city budget problems and revenue shortfalls
Park Improvements
Colorado Lagoon, north shore natural habitat restored and walking path created
PERoW will be open on March 17th (Ed Note: New date is now March 24th)  with band—from creative funding 
Will have native plants reflective of surroundings
Opened PERoW on other side of 7th
Infrastructure Improvements—
This year we repaved 150 streets in 2017—normally 20/year—use pavement management index—soon an alley management index (unpaved alleys in city first)
Measure A is expected to bring in $47M for infrastructure only
Traffic Safety
Road diet on Broadway and protected bike lane
6th Street Bike Blvd—roundabouts, sidewalk across from golf course
Ocean road diet reduced speeds—speed limit 35mph without significant increase in commute time
Parking inventory study for Belmont Heights
Granada lot with 100 new spaces and 4-8 electric charging stations
Garage parking program

Land Use/Development
ADU “Granny Flats” limited in size, by lot size, parking availability, open space
LUE has been worked on for 3 years—updates general plan from 1989
Will propose changes to current proposal
People worried about density—our neighborhoods don’t lend themselves to more units
Height changes on Redondo to 7th Street, 4th Street, and Redondo

Other issues to be addressed

Bike chop shop
Homeless work teams
Median safety
Leaf blowers
Community Hospital
Community meeting on January 27th at the Yacht Club at 11 AM to cover
Tidelands Dept on upcoming projects at Bayshore
Presentation on Neighborhood Impact Prosecutor
[email protected] is Suzie’s email.

EricWidstrom, traffic engineer, answered some questions.

Showgrow owner Charles Baldwin provided history of propositions and bills that allowed marijuana since 1996 including 2004 Senate Bill 420 starting of current regulations in Jan 1, 2018; the history of cannabis in LB; and his company.

Respectfully submitted
Douglas Domingo-Forasté



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