BHCA September 2016 Monthly Meeting Minutes

The meeting was called to order by Maureen Neeley, President, at 7:10 p.m.


Maureen introduced the board members and special guest Jack Cunningham, 3rd District Field Office.

Meeting Attendance – 65

rosters – 43 members and 16 guests

Meeting Sponsor

Maureen introduced Chris Geer, owner of Urban Americana, located on Coronado between Anaheim and 14th St in the Zaferia District. Chris encouraged everyone to visit noting that, in addition to local business, he does a lot of national and international selling. Thank you Chris for sponsoring our meeting!

Business Meeting

Jack Cunningham, 3rd District Council Office, reviewed the following:

  • The new budget includes a 6th week for the Municipal Band and increased library hours at selected libraries.
  • The Police Academy is graduating 2 classes with 90 new police officers hired. However, with retirement of current officers, there will be a net gain of 8 officers.
  • Homelessness: 12 encampments have been shut down from under the pier and elsewhere. The City and LBPD will be deploying a Rapid Response Team to deal with homeless situations. Homelessness is a municipal violation but the City can’t arrest its way out of the problem. Respondents try to figure out what services and benefits individuals are eligible for. A member commented on the fact that a tenant of hers was attacked by a homeless person who entered her residence. Her tenant chose not to press charges. In order for action to be taken, residents do need to be willing to file a report if a crime is committed.
  • Updated schedule for the PEROW between Park and Ximeno: plan check and bidding for project in fall 2016; to City Council for approval in January 2017; construction to begin in spring 2017.
  • A meeting on the 6th St bike blvd is scheduled for October 17 @ 5pm in the Field office on Nieto.
  • Comments on the SEASP DEIR are due to the City by September 19.
  • Presentation of Belmont Pool plans to the Planning Commission is scheduled for mid October. Jack did not have the specific date.
  • A study session at Planning Commission on the update to the General Plan (Land Use Element) is scheduled for October 6. The commission meets in the City Council chamber and the meeting starts at 5 pm. The draft EIR for the Plan is available; comments on the DEIR are due by November 1, 2016.
  •  Plants in the Broadway median between Park and Ximeno will be replaced when the weather cools.
  • Permitted parking on Newport Ave between Broadway and Vista was not supported by the majority of residents.
  • City budget allocated monies for a city-wide parking assessment and plan. Councilwoman Price snagged $20,000 for a Belmont Heights parking study….yay!
  • A Port and Harbor tour for 3rd District resident is scheduled for Sept 29 from 6 to 8 pm (see events page for details).
  • A Small Business workshop is scheduled for Sept 27.
  • A 3rd District “mid-term update” is scheduled for Sept 25 from 5 to 7 pm at the Long Beach Museum of Art.
  • A resident reported theft of mail at corner USPS boxes using coat hangers. The problem has been reported to the PD and USPS. Maureen asked that Jack report back on what actions have been taken on this issue.

Maureen announced a Historic District Design Guidelines workshop scheduled for October 1 from 11 am to 1 pm at 1321 Anaheim St.

Updates from Task Force teams tackling problems in the neighborhood:

Noise Team – Ken Konrad

Ken reported that the team is focusing on how to support change to the helicopter noise issue. Long Beach ranks 10th in reporting noise to the FAA:

Ken reviewed what residents can do to help:

Parking - Bill Marshall

Bill reviewed a flyer the team has prepared to distribute to residents once it’s reviewed by the BHCA board.


Doug Forasté reiterated that the best way to stop car break-ins is to not leave any valuables in your car.

Fleet Week Volunteers

Maureen reported that Will Cullen organized volunteers from the Armed Services and the neighborhood to water and service 90 trees that needed attention. Thanks to Bob Kaplan, from Kaplan Construction, for ferrying water to and from the trees.


Linda Pemberton reported that comments on the DEIR are due to the Development Services department by Monday, Sept 19. Linda reviewed major changes included in the plans. Her slides can be reviewed here.

BHA2 Artists’ Gallery Show Opening

Sydney Simon encouraged everyone to attend the 3rd annual BHA2 artists opening at Viento y Agua on October 1 from 7 to 9 pm. The show will run through October 30.

Belmont Heights Book Club

Maureen and Sydney reminded everyone that the book club meets the 3rd Thursday of the month @ 3 pm. Details can be found on our website’s “events” page.

Upcoming BHCA Monthly Meetings

Oct  12th         November ballot measures

Nov   9th          LB Geological Past

Dec  14            No meeting – Holiday Party

Don’t forget the general election on November 8 – VOTE!!

Member Shares

Diane Paull – Briefly reviewed a position paper on the DEIR for SEASP. Diane asked that anyone interested in more information speak to her after the meeting.

Betty Leiter announced the “Open Studio Tour” on October 8 and 9. Information can be found at:

Guest Speaker: Kevin Doherty – aka “Bungalow Kev” – In the Land of Bungalows

For those of you who weren’t able to make the meeting, you missed a very interesting and entertaining discussion of the bungalow, an iconic structure in Belmont Heights.

A brief overview:

Some descriptors – simple, artistic, reliable, practical, modern

Identifiable features – wood, low-pitched roof, substantial, made of clapboard or shingle, front porch that serves as an outdoor living room, fireplace

Origins: highlands and hillsides of India – originally called “Bengala”; usually thatched roof structures; built as early as the 17th century in India; the British built many in India and brought the bungalow to Britain and Europe; ultimately became a type of global housing.

Bungalow architecture came to the US in the late 19th century. William Morris and Gustav Stickley brought arts and crafts to the bungalow; style elements were also drawn from the Franciscan missions – origin of the “Mission” style -- reflecting simplicity and austerity.

Henry L Wilson introduced the bungalow to California in the early 1900’s. The California bungalow was pulled from Japanese and Alpine (Swiss) designs. The first Bungalow Magazine was published in 1909 in Los Angeles. For the most part, these early bungalows were not designed by architects but rather pre-cut and assembled on site. The quintessential bungalow designers and builders, Charles and Henry Greene, built sublime structures of wood and stone heavily influenced by Japanese design.

Many resources are available on the history and style of California Bungalows both on-line and in libraries.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:00 PM.

Respectfully submitted,

Dianne Sundstrom, Secretary
September 22, 2016


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