BHCA October 2016 Monthly Meeting Minutes

The meeting was called to order by Maureen Neeley, President, at 7:05 p.m.


Maureen introduced the board members and special guests: Jack Cunningham, 3rd District Field Office; Jody Wynn, CSULB Women’s Basketball coach; Phyllis O’Connor & Nicole Bennett, League of Women Voters.

Meeting Attendance – 72

rosters – 49 members and 19 guests

Meeting Sponsor

Maureen introduced Alex & Matt Maltezos, Long Beach residents and owners of Mattalou Shoe Boutique located on Ximeno just south of 4th St. Alex encouraged everyone to visit noting that she carries shoes that are stylish, comfortable, and affordable. In addition, she supports local jewelry and other craft artists. Thank you to Alex and Matt for sponsoring our meeting! Drop in for their Halloween bash on October 23! Check out their website

Special Guests: CSULB Women’s Basketball Team Staff

Jody Wynn, the coach of the team, introduced her assistant as well as the team’s marketing staff. The team opens this year’s season with a home game on November 18 playing the University of Houston. She encouraged our community to get involved by attending games and supporting the team in other ways, i.e. mentoring team members. The season extends November through March. On 11/25, they are playing Duke, a prominent women’s basketball team. Season tickets can be purchased for $50/seat. For information contact Benny Garcia at [email protected] or call the ticket office at 562-985-4949. For more info visit

Benny and the team raffled off 4 t-shirts and a pair of courtside tickets and 2 t-shirts to lucky attendees.

3rd District Council Office Update

Jack Cunningham, 3rd District Council Office, reviewed the following:

  • Past events including the Small Business Workshop, Harbor Boat Tour and meetings about the Homelessness issue.
  • Announced a meeting about the 6th St Bike Blvd scheduled for October 17 @ 5pm at the District Field Office on Nieto. Progress on the project was held up because of issues with funding from Cal Trans as well as the fact that it is being coordinated with the Daisy St bike blvd.
  • The next 3rd District Community Meeting will be held on October 20 @ 6pm at the Alamitos Bay Yacht Club. The Fire Department and City staff will review project plans for upgrading the lifeguard stations.
  • Comments on the Draft Environmental Report for the General Plan are due by November 1, 2016. A link to an overview of changes affecting Belmont Heights can be found on the front page of our website or here.
  • Updates to guidelines for the Eliot Lane and Belmont Heights Historic District are in process. Comments on the draft guidelines should be submitted by the beginning of December, 2016.
  • Councilwoman Price has set aside monies to perform a parking study of Belmont Heights. The intent is to include our community in the discussion so that we end up with actionable plans.
  • Recreational Vehicle parking on residential streets was discussed at a recent City Council meeting. Discussion included the need to find “safe parking” for those who may be homeless and living in vehicles. Such places should include areas where some services are available, i.e. toileting, waste disposal etc. Such areas should not have a negative impact on surrounding neighborhoods. The City Manger was tasked to come back with a report to the Council within 60 days.
  • Panhandling at lights and intersections: this behavior is difficult to enforce. It can only be enforced if the person is aggressive. The city is trying to redirect these people to services. If they decline such services and behaviors are unacceptable, the enforcement action may be taken.
  • The Colorado Lagoon project is underway. The project includes changes to the north shore including creating a bioswale, planting of eelgrass in the north arm, removing asphalt and building a walking trail off of 6th St., and re-building the bridge over the lagoon.
  • Development Services is implementing an electronic plan check system available on-line and by using a smart-phone.
  • Review of the Belmont Shore parking study is scheduled for October 24.
  • A meeting by the Army Corp of Engineers regarding the Breakwater study is scheduled for 10/26 at 6 pm at Bixby Park.
  • A workshop on anti-bullying is scheduled for 10/29 at CSULB.

Comment from Audience

Please consider a sign on Ximeno and Park as cars are approaching Vista announcing that one is approaching a bike blvd. Jack will f/u and report back to Maureen.

Guest Speakers: League of Women Voters, Phyllis O’Connor and Nicole Bennett

Phyllis spoke briefly about the long history of the League’s LB Chapter. The League focuses on education and advocacy.

 The speakers reviewed 10 of the initiatives on the November ballot. The information was quite detailed and covered a lot of facts. So as not to misquote, information summarizing the initiatives as well as the League’s recommendations, can be found at the California website:

Long Beach website:


Information can also be found at:

CA Legislative Analyst website:

Ballotpedia –

CA Voter Foundation:

Plus many others…………….

Business Meeting

Budget – Treasurer’s Report

In Sydney Simon’s absence, Maureen reported that we have a bank balance of approximately $16,500. Some of those monies are planned to be spent on the Pacific Electric right-of-way project.


Linda Pemberton reported that we have 170 active, dues paying members, the highest ever!

Website Update

Linda and Dianne reported that the task force is close to having a new website up and running. Anticipate date of activation is approximately 6 weeks.


Bill Davis reported that the fall issue will be delivered the beginning of November. Articles for the winter issue are due by December 30.

Pacific Electric right-of-way

If all goes well, construction should begin in the Spring of 2017.

Board Elections

Elections will take place in the first quarter of 2017. Let us know if you have an interest in serving on the Board. Contact Maureen at [email protected]

BHA2 Art Exhibit

Maureen congratulated Sydney Simon and Ellen Butler for coordinating a really great exhibit and opening October 1 at Viento y Agua. Over 100 people attended and 6 pieces of art were sold on opening night. CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL!

Beach Streets

This year’s event is scheduled for November 12 on Anaheim St. Visit for information.

Belmont Heights Book Club

Book club meeting dates can be found on our calendar/events page.

Updates from Task Force teams tackling problems in the neighborhood:

Noise Team

Maureen mentioned that the team is focusing on how to support change to the helicopter noise issue.

Parking - Bill Marshall

Bill reviewed a “Parking Brochure” the team has prepared to distribute to residents – good job to Bill and his Team.  The brochure will be posted to the website for easy access.


Maureen reported that Doug Forasté, a board member, was attending a meeting of the PD and local leaders. Doug will report back on any items or actions of interest

Upcoming BHCA Monthly Meetings

Nov   9th          LB Geological Past

November 28   Special Meeting: Mayor Robert Garcia

Dec  14            No meeting – Holiday Party

January 11       Councilwoman Suzie Price

Maureen paid special mention of the Nov 28 meeting with the Mayor. She attended a meeting where he talked about housing, growth, traffic and jobs and the future of Southern CA and CA itself. She and the board thought it was a topic of interest to our community and worked with the Mayor’s office to arrange the meeting. Everyone is invited! 

Regarding the Holiday Party it has become so popular that space is an issue. With this in mind, we have decided that the holiday party is a perk of being a member!! So join and get invited! Of course, those who may not be members but have been attending the party will be invited. As usual, it will be a potluck. Look for information on the event soon!

Don’t forget the general election on November 8 – VOTE!!


The meeting was adjourned at 9:00 PM.
Respectfully submitted,
Dianne Sundstrom, Secretary
October 18, 2016

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