BHCA Monthly Meeting Minutes August 2018

Scott Gallic opened the meeting at 7 PM and made introductions and announcements about the upcoming panel entitled: “Saving Water and Harnessing the Sun in Belmont Heights”

He introduced and thanked Timothy Collier, owner of The Green Plumber, for our wonderful substantial refreshments.

Updates on several issues were presented by board members:

  1. Parking Inventory – See page 12 of the latest newsletter issue (Summer \ August 2018) for a recap on our parking inventory. For more details, contact the parking committee chair, Bill Marshall, at [email protected]
  2. Walk in the Meals on Wheels 5K with the BHCA team on Aug 25th – Join our team by contacting [email protected]
  3. Help with a BHCA Water Station at the LB Marathon on Oct. 7 – Help on this fun event in our neighborhood by contacting Derrick Muska at [email protected]
  4. Consider wearing a BHCA tee, hat or sweatshirt to these events (See Lynne for sizes and availability. She’ll deliver! [email protected])
  5. Treasurer’s report: $1,270 Income & $192 Expense for the month of July 2018

Jack Cunningham, Chief of Staff for Councilwoman Suzie Price talked about a number of issues:

  1. Public Safety—Neighborhood Impact Prosecutor is working closely with police to identify quality of life problems and reduce incidents through the court system. Also, LBPD is looking to hire and utilize non-sworn officers for administrative tasks, thus freeing our sworn officers for patrol and community policing duties.
  2. Bike Registry Day – Registered 80 bikes. Will hold another event in the Fall. BHCA is available to help and promote.
  3. HEART outreach to the homeless team will be looking at ways to employ homeless.
  4. Library system is planning to have some branches open for a total of 7 days a week.
  5. Park|Greenspace to honor John Parkin, Long Beach resident who was instrumental in solving the city’s subsidence issues. Greenspace is in Bluff Park, his home neighborhood.


  1. Coastal Commission ruling on the Wetlands swap (Los Cerritos area owned by Beach Oil Minerals Partners) – Ruling was not in yet. Update: According to the Grunion Gazette this was approved.
  2. Razor Scooter 3 month trial. Is there a number to report violations? Why do riders have to wear helmets? Update from Council office: The City has set up a call center for the e-scooter program for residents to call with questions or concerns. Call Center Phone Number: (562)908.3516; Call Center Email Address: [email protected]
  3. Measures A & M will fund 3rd Street repave, plus Colorado in 2019/20.
  4. Oversize trash and renter move-out items left on street. Use GoLB app (see p. 15 of the latest BHCA newsletter) for those items left on the parkway or alleys. But, if on private property, the owner/apartment manager is responsible and needs to call for special pickup (Four pickups allowed per year now, up from two). Action Management is causing continual problems for Newport Avenue residents.

As always, contact CD3 with any concerns or questions: [email protected] is Suzie’s email. Please call 570-6300.

Below are links to the Panelist presentations on “Saving Water and Harnessing the Sun in Belmont Heights”. Note that Alan Brawer did not have a presentation e-file.

Larry Rich – Topic: Sustainability City Resources, Sustainability Coordinator, City of Long Beach
Bob Kalayjian, MD – Topic: Solar Installation Tips, Solar User & Advocate
Alan Brawer – Topic: Solar Installation Tips, Solar Wholesale Group, President
Eliot Freutel – Topic: Climate Resiliency Outreach, Senior Education Associate, Aquarium of the Pacific.
Wes Harding – Topic: Green Building Options, Harding Design & Construction, President

Respectfully submitted

Maureen Neeley for Douglas Forasté
August 12, 2018
Contact [email protected]


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