April 2017 BHCA Monthly Meeting Minutes

Board president, Maureen Neeley, called the meeting to order and introduced board members present. Forty-two attendees signed in.

Maureen introduced Beach Oil Mineral Partners (BOMPs), Inc. (Synergy) team: 
John McKeown, CEO | Heather Altman, Environmental Consultant | Michael Di Sano, Project Manager| Pete Zak, BOMP Partner

John McKeown

They are just starting their education/outreach
Moved to heights in 1999—2 children in local schools
Started the company here—had been in commercial real estate
Synergy Site—156 acres north of 2nd St
Currently operating on the City Site adjacent, south of 2nd—Total 200 acres
“The Plan” is his idea—willing to take questions from the public and urges people to read results of study
Synergy represented the project for land swap with Los Cerritos Wetlands
Bixby family didn’t operate oil field itself but contractors did
200M barrels still left
decision to use new technology

  • would have been homes if not for oil field
  • less incentive to fix field because oil prices low
  • drag racers damaged main line
  • fires a couple of times
  • aging overhead utilities
  • equipment from 1930s
  • no containment walls—grandfathered in
  • move out of 200 acres to 10 acres
  • will restore 77 acres of wetlands
  • 16 miles of pipe to be removed
  • steam shovel slough used to come all way in to wetlands
  • this year because of rain lots of birds
  • only 3% pipes do anything
  • new equipment goes into a “cellar”
  • schedule
    • old tanks to be removed within 18 mos
    • three tank farms now near Trader Joe’s
    • 97% of pipe will be removed
    • northern part of property never had oil operations
    • will move Bixby ranch house/current office
    • will construct viewing path
    • Newport Inglewood fault goes through property
    • Drill on both sides of faults (hence two parcels)
    • LCWA property Studebaker/Westminster have cellars and contained oil storage
    • On Pumpkin patch corporate office, more cellars
    • Plan to leave city property as well      

Project Benefits

Will still need oil—others are drilling
Ownership committed to finishing project
Better to operate in safe modern facilities
Environmental benefits
Public benefits:

  • Agreement to transfer ownership to Los Cerritos Wetlands Authority (LCWA)
  • Community benefit in that oil operations will get out of wetlands

Peter Zak

Helps seek approvals for John McKeown
Numerous meetings with city and coastal commission
Consolidation from 200 acres> 10 acres
Plan would include 120 wells but not all oil producing—some water injection
Spent a lot of time coming up with power
Co-regeneration facility—solar, gas (using produced gas to run turbines)
Evaluating current fields to full remediation including soil removal
City tax will go up from $50K to $4M

John McKeown addressed common questions and encouraged residents to read the many white papers and FAQs on the Synergy project website: http://loscerritoswetlandsrestorationplan.com/

  1. Are we going to contaminate groundwater? No
  2. No fracking—not for this type of field
  3. Bird kills? No nor rabbits or coyotes
  4. Hurt Steamshovel slough—tidal water
  5. LCWA getting a contaminated site? No, extensive testing.
  6. Earthquakes? No, replace oil with water cleaned to point you can drink it
  7. Increased Traffic: Doesn’t produce now traffic and won’t increase
  8. Where money come from? $21M from investors
  9. Break even point $32/barrel
  10. In LB cheaper to get oil from ground than in North Dakota?

Maureen Neeley: Introduced questions

  • Funding for project? LCWA funding
  • Pipe removal
  • Who’ll pay for visitor center?
  • Mitigation bank

Heather Altman – encouraged residents to visit the website: www.Loscerritoswetlandsrestorationplan.com

  • Synergy will be bringing this project to the Planning Commission at some point. They also would like to host the BHCA at an open house and tour.
  • Water injection—separate oil, no city water, brackish + cleaned together
  • IRT process for restoration
  • Don’t want to hurt current slough
  • Top 77 acres never had oil operations
  • Mitigation bank
  • Rehab Bixby ranch house requires to endowment
  • Will remove land fill from Pumpkin Patch
  • 77 acres will be released at one time

Maureen asked for further questions to be submitted in writing. The questions were sent to Synergy and they responded with the following document: 
Click here for a summary of the questions and answers submitted by participants at the meeting.

---- Short break ----

Jack Cunningham 3rd District report

  • 3rd District Meetings/Events on slide - see calendar on website
  • 6th St Bike Blvd approval will come to council in May 
    • Difference between traffic circle (slow down) and roundabout (yield to cars  w/right of way)
  • PEROW bid process will conclude end of month and go to council for approval
    • After planting there will be a “rooting” process when park is still closed
  • Bellflower Road Diet – 7th to Atherton
    • Making protected bike lane
  • Make sidewalk from Island Village to PCH
Other Business

Maureen reported on Planning Commission’s discussion on Land Use Element:

  • Dianne mentioned that Planning Commission told staff to distribute height recommendations throughout the city. BHCA will continue to monitor
  • Could impact 7th street from Redondo to Ximeno – increase to 4 stories
  • Maureen thanked people who went to Planning Community meeting

May 16th City Council meeting will hear appeals regarding with pool

BHCA Committee Teams:

  • Noise Reduction meeting April 24th Donna DiRocco’s house
  • Parking will meet April 17th
  • Sydney and Maureen reported on Parking brochures—goal to open more garages to cars
  • Crime—Kathleen attended community police academy conducted by higher echelons of police force—ten hours
    • Rules of arrest—seminar by Paul LeBaron
    • Police misconduct
    • Experiential scenarios—what do you do as patrol officer

Signal Box Art:

  • Maureen reported on signal box painting—Doug Walker artist
  • Maureen thanked Celia and Bob Werner for their generous donation to the signal box project

BHCA Logo Items:

  • Sydney introduced new Belmont Heights swag
  • Talked about lettering contrast

Treasurer’s Report:

  • Donation of $500 to Wilson High Music
  • See detailed report at end of minutes

Newsletter will be out c. May 1st

  • Feature article: Belmont Heights Make a Difference Day

Sydney applied for Port grant for art show

Maureen reported on calendar
  • Meeting on Pool—Tom Modica May 10th
  • May 13th Mother’s Day tree planting

Redondo to Termino, 7th to 4th, meet in Smart & Final parking lot, 8:30 for breakfast
Need to make sure trees are watered afterwards

  • June 14, Talking Trash meeting—what happens to our trash & recycling?

Member shares

  • Michael - Palm frond sculptures might be fun to place around the ‘hood
  • Vicky - “CD3 Walk the Talk” and Belmont Shore’s Walk on Wednesdays


BEGINNING BALANCE APRIL 1, 2017                                 $15,315.78
          INCOME:  04/01/2016-04/30/2017
Checks                           $240.00
PayPal                           $464.64
Square                           $  87.10
          Total Membership                                    $ 791.74
          Tees/Sweats                                              $ 231.41
          Advertising                                                $ 775.00
          Donation                                                   $ 500.00                                         
TOTAL INCOME APRIL 2017                                                +$  2,298.15
          EXPENSES:  04/01/2017-04/30/2017
          J. Graphix Studio                                       $386.75
TOTAL EXPENSES APRIL 2017                                             -$     386.75
BALANCE APRIL 30. 2017                                                    $17,227.18

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