BHCA September 2011 Meeting Minutes

Minutes from September 14, 2011 monthly meeting

I.     Welcome – Dianne welcomed everyone at 7:05 p.m.

- Board members present:  John Fries, Cindi Rogan, Gordana Kajer, Craig Starnes, Maureen Neeley

II.     Treasurer's Report – John Fries

A.    Account has about $3,000, but our Summer Newsletter printing costs will soon be deducted from this.


III.     Belmont Pier Presentation – Mark Sandoval, Marine Bureau Manager, Long Beach Parks, Recreation & Marine and Fred Khammar, Owner of Beach Ventures International (BVI)

·       Mark explained the long process of bringing a viable business of moorings and restaurant service to the Belmont Veterans Memorial Pier. An RFP was issued in 2008. A 10 year contract was granted to BVI.

·       Fred Khammar, BVI, then presented a video of activities that have taken place on the pier over the last few years (local reunions, seafood celebrations, fishing derby, movie nights, etc). He also gave a short history of the pier (which will be summarized in our Fall newsletter).  He explained his vision for the pier: “Buoys on the Pier” restaurant, a viable moorings programs, the Welcome Center, fishing boat rentals, permanent and nicer restrooms, resurfacing and new railings. He is working closely with the City to accomplish these things and will be applying for a costly conditional use permit, hoping to open a real restaurant in the Spring which would have a beer/wine license.

·       Fred wants community input, stressing that the Pier is mainly for locals, as it is not in a high-traffic area. People are encouraged to check out the website for more information:

·       Questions followed about why the Aqua Link was so expensive – Mark noted that was a LB Transit call and they will be reviewing usage before making decisions about next summer.

·       Questions about the viability of the mooring program were raised – Fred noted that all his available moorings are well-utilized.


IV.     Signage on Vista

A.    Dianne asked for feedback on Bike Boulevard signs that are currently posted.

a.       The Small Sign was overwhelmingly preferred

b.     Request that the colors be 1) complementary to the “LB Blue” of the street signs; and 2) the background of the white reflective lettering have a higher contrast

c.     Signs should be oriented so they are on Vista and should be positioned at the top of the street sign so that it appears to be one sign. It was agreed signs should be posted where there are circles or roundabouts; one sign should be posted between Redondo and Mira Mar (5 blocks) where there are no circles.

d.     The “question mark” sign in the roundabout at Ximeno was preferred to the “one way” sign at the roundabout at Park.

e.     Request that Traffic Engineering monitor the 2 roundabouts (Park and Ximeno) as there is a concern that people driving north-south are NOT slowing down. Enforcement – especially on Ximeno – is important

f.         Light at Redondo & Vista should be studied. People are driving straight through and turning left from Vista. Some people are also turning left onto Vista (at times that are prohibited) which defeats the purpose of discouraging people using Vista as an alternative to Broadway. Should there be a “No Left Turn” sign on the west side of Redondo, facing drivers waiting at the light on Vista (going west)? There was no consensus on the benefit of using a raised curb on Vista.

g.     Feedback from Julie Maleki indicated that there should be no personal signs staked on the circles or roundabouts


V.     Other neighborhood updates

A.    Sidewalk repairs will take place the first quarter of 2012. Please use the “contact us” link at to send suggestions for repair. Suggestions must be received by the BHCA by September 26 and will be submitted to Julie Maleki.

B.    Question about curb repair at 1st & Grand – curb repairs are separate from sidewalk repairs and can be patched within a short period of time. Julie will make sure it is on the list.

C.    Electronic Billboards will be discussed at Planning Commission Sept. 15th. They may be erected at 2400 Spring & Redondo & 405. Concerns expressed by many about the lighting and blight they seem to cause. Dianne encouraged feedback on the website.

D.    Belmont Burger liquor license  application was protested. Twenty-two residents sent in letters requesting that it not be granted. The Councilmember supported the residents. Owner may appeal and further action may be required at the ABC. Updates will be posted to the website.

E.    Pacific Electric Rail Road easement– Funds for community outreach and planning for the blocks between Colorado Lagoon and 7th Street are still not forthcoming. BHCA is moving ahead on forming a committee to start our own review and solicitation of ideas. Interested residents should send an email to [email protected].

F.     Quake Kits are available (for purchase). Dianne will post information on the website.

G.    Fall Newsletter will be available on for delivery on October 1. Contact Bill Orton to help distribute: [email protected]

H.    Gordana reminded everyone to order theBHCA T-shirts and Totebags. Free Delivery!


VI.     3rd District Report – Julie Maleki

A.    Christy’s Restaurant at Broadway and Termino. Looks like it will re-open in about 6 weeks. Owner is meeting with nearby neighbors to address parking and noise issues.

B.    The rebuilding of Broadway (Nieto to Park) will start soon. Contract to be awarded on Sept. 22. This will entail putting planted medians and left turn lanes where there is currently painted outlines. Aim is to calm traffic. Gordana noted that the contractor will include recirculation strategies to allow runoff to flow into the planters, versus the sewers. Dianne reminded everyone that this particular median idea has been in the works for about ten years, starting with the previous Councilmember, Frank Colonna.

C.    Second and PCH EIR vote will go to Planning Commission on October 6th. Dianne reminded the group of the BHCA official position (revise SEADIP before granting slews of variances). Residents are encouraged to send in their comments individually to the council office and to attend the Planning Commission meeting or write the Commissioners if they want their voice heard.


VII.     Bike Count – October 20 and 22

A.    Allan Crawford asked for volunteers for the upcoming Bike Count. Also the Bike Master Plan is nearly complete. All are welcome to review. Just contact him at [email protected].


VIII.  5th & Grand “burned house”

A.    Craig noted the house at 5th & Grand was sold. C.J. had heard that the foundation was cleared for re-use. Julie will find out more about plans. It is in the Historic District and a Miner Smith home. Update from Councilman DeLong’s office: The property has been sold.  Code Enforcement sent the new owner a letter about a month ago re: keeping the site clear of weeds etc. and to give an update re: their intentions to rebuild.  Code Enforcement hasn’t had a response to date, but will continue to follow for compliance. The next briefing to the Councilman’s office on this property is on 10/10.


IX.     Upcoming Meetings

B.    October – Steve Gerhardt will present Broadway Improvement options (bulb outs at some corner curbs, “parklet” options and more).

C.    November – Signal Hill Petroleum discusses the geophysical survey (waiting for speaker confirmation).

D.    December – Annual BHCA Holiday Party! Plan on attending December 14th at Francelli’s. $10/pp.



Board Nominationsare open now. Elections to be held by March 2012.

All positions are open: President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary and 3 At-Large positions.

Current board members should notify Dianne if they wish to continue or change capacity.

Send an email to Dianne at [email protected] or call her for more information 221-5518.

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