BHCA October 2011 Meeting Minutes


Minutes from October 12th, 2011 Monthly Meeting


I.     Welcome – Maureen welcomed everyone at 7:00 p.m.

- Board members present:  Craig Starnes, Maureen Neeley, and Christine Gonzalez


II.     Treasurer's Report – Maureen

  1. Account has about $3,000, but our summer and winter newsletter printing costs (about $2,000) will soon be deducted from this.  We have enough for the next newsletter printing.  The T-shirts investment is almost paid for, so proceeds going forward will be profit.


III.     3rd District update – Julie Maleki

         A.  Area on Appian (near Colorado and Nieto)

a.  Road has been repaired through a collaborate effort with Public Works and Water Department

b.  3 planter areas are ready to be planted with drought-tolerant plants

c.  Will need volunteers for planting on Saturday, November 19th-more details to be posted on website and Facebook

d.  Julie is taking requests for parkway trees for your property, since she can add to this order during the first week of November

         B.  Median between Nieto and Park

               a.  They have a contractor on board and will have a meeting this month

               b.  Concrete work will be done first

         C.  Rebuild of Redondo from Broadway to Anaheim

               a.  Architect Michael Bohn will do renderings of intersection at Broadway and Redondo

               b.  There will be a complete rebuild of asphalt

         D.  Upcoming improvements

               a.  Livingston on schedule for next year

               b.  Repave of Loma and 6th-no date yet


IV.     Review of 2030 Plan Mobility Corridors - Steve Gerhardt, City of Long Beach

         A.  Long-term plan involves land use, mobility, and urban design

               a.  Steve will discuss mobility  

               b.  Plan was last updated in 1999

         B.  Steve presented a map of the transportation overlay system

               a.  Shows streets where transportation is plentiful

               b.  There have been discussions of bringing streetcars back on primary routes

               c.  Also discussions on a dedicated lane for buses with express and/or limited stops

               d.  Major streets to have synchronized signals and left turn signals

               e.  Residential streets to be smaller streets with more landscaping

         C.  Steve presented a map of bike facilities

               a.  Shows short-term projects that have funding

               b.  Vista Bike Blvd Grant still has 13 miles left for use elsewhere in city

               c.  Goal: find routes for bikers in major directions without being on major streets

               e.  Discussions of designated truck routes


         D.  Broadway corridor where 2 lanes go to 1, (street by the Taco Bell) and Business instersection

               a.  Possibility of doing bulb outs, walk audits, or temporary barricades

         E.  Since 1/11, state law has changed regarding the general plan

a.  Rather than "complete streets", better to think of "complete corridors" (i.e. many streets working together)

b.  Many have made the suggestion to widen Cherry but this would be a long-term plan

c.  Much debate on simplifying the Bellflower and 7th triangle but waiting for freeway project to be complete and new traffic patterns to settle:  Coordination or simplifying of signals vs. fly-over

e.  Streetcar idea:  Engineering study so far shows feasibility but we don't have new development to pay for it

         F.  Next Thursday (10/20) and Sunday (10/23), there will be a study to count bikes

               a.  Looking for volunteers for morning and afternoon shifts

               b.  Visit for information


V.     BHCA Business

A.  P.E. Right-of-Way

         a.  7th St. to Colorado Lagoon is in Belmont Heights

         b.  Termino storm drain project is now complete

         c.  The question is:  What do we want there?

e.  L.A. County gave funding for landscape architect planning, but city needs to demonstrate it has the funds to complete the building phase

         f.  Soon, the Councilman and BHCA will hold a community meeting:  Stay tuned for details

B.  Website & Facebook

         a.  Still a work in progress

         b.  1 member suggested we add a resources link to the website, with recommended businesses

C.  4th & Ximeno update

         a.  Belmont Burger liquor license was denied; neighboring residents had submitted concerns

         b.  There is no funding for facade improvement, so this would be an owner expense

         c.  Goal is to get trees, new paint, remove graffiti, and upgrade sidewalk furniture

D.  Membership drive, renewals

         b.  Now have a "welcome package" going to new homeowners

E.  Board Nominations

         a.  All positions are open

         b.  Need nominations by January / Elections in March

F.  Member-Raising through T-Shirts & Totes

         a.  Contact Gordana if you'd like to buy one


VI.     Presentation on Izmir Park by Dennis

         A.  Izmir Park (7th and Park) is part of the Sister City program

         B.  Dennis presented Conceptual Site Plan (by Studio One-Eleven) that was approved on May 19th

         C.  Design elements include:

               a.  Nautilus-shaped (spiral) to symbolize ever-growing friendship

               b.  Turkish natural stone to symbolize a physical connection between the cities

               c.  Olive trees to symbolize peace and longevity

               d.  Small trees will be removed but larger trees will stay

               e.  Will add more pathways

         D.  Thanks to Dianne for being a big supporter of this project

         E.  Alamitos Heights Association & North Alamitos Bay Association also excited about project

         F.  There will be a festival on 11/5 from 12noon-10pm

a.  5 Long Beach bands, Turkish and Cambodian performers, a fashion show, non-profits (produce exchange group), environmental organizations, and art communities

b.  About $8 general admission fee to help raise funds for project

c.  Need $150,000

d.  Have $30,000 for engineering services and getting natural stone via donation

         G.  Breaking ground in January/February 2012 and should be complete by summer

         H.  Will restore the historic bandshell for use as a Sister Cities headquarters building next year


VII.     Upcoming Meetings

  1. November-Councilmember Gary DeLong on 2nd & PCH + Signal Hill Petroleum on geophysical surveying in L.B.
  2. December-Holiday party at Francelli's
  3. January-Suggestions?




Board Nominations are open now. Elections to be held by March 2012.

All positions are open: President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary and 3 At-Large positions.

Current board members should notify Dianne if they wish to continue or change capacity.

Send an email to Dianne at [email protected] or call her for more information 221-5518.


Meeting adjourned 8:00pm

Submitted by Christine Gonzalez, BHCA Board Member At Large

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