BHCA March 2011 Meeting Minutes


I.     Welcome - Maureen Neeley (Dianne was unable to attend)

- other board members present:  John Fries, Cindi Rogan, Christine Gonzalez

A.  Approval of February minutes - approved


II.     Treasurer's Report – John Fries

  1. John - Same amount as Feb. minutes (about $1,500)


III.     3rd District update – Julie Maleki

A.         Contact her office anytime with questions regarding which LB department to contact

B.         4 wks out on sidewalk plan, will start again in Oct. for next spring

C.          Vista bike plan-currently doing traffic study

D.         LB Transit meeting - Ximeno issue resolved

      - no more detours on Ximeno / buses to go 15mph around traffic circle

      - Julie will send meeting notes

E.          About to break ground on B'way center median (Park to Nieto)

      - goal is to make a green street (capture rain water to water plants)

      - Looking at extending down B'way toward Termino

F.         Appian Way - possible rebuild of the sloping concrete area into green median

G.         Household Hazardous Waste/E-Waste Roundup on Saturday, March 26th

H.         3rd District E-Waste and Shred event on May 7th (location TBD)

I.         2nd & PCH EIR to be released March 10 & avail on-line next wk

      - can get hard copy or CD at library or City Hall

J.         Update from Councilman DeLong on Budget Oversight Meeting

These issues are going to council and would like comments from us

      - Outsourcing street sweeping

      - Hoover Report about pension plans


IV.  BHCA Updates

A.           Broadway Corridor – Maureen Neeley

- Goes from 2 lane to 1 lane around Coronado/Obispo on B'way

- reminder that speed limit goes from 30 to 25 mph across Redondo

- considering the option of a median or trees on sidewalks, parking, etc.

- working with an engineer from the traffic dept.

- looking for help with this project


  1. 4th & Ximeno – Cindi Rogan

- Next committee meeting on 4/13 at 6:15pm

- goal is tree-lined sidewalk that is also eco-friendly

- would like to replace "ugly" features like Marlboro sign, magazine/newspaper boxes

- looking for architect to sketch plans-->Al volunteered to do some photoshop designs

- would like to present business owners w/ options for funding


  1. Pacific Electric Right-of-Way – Maureen

- diagonal route from 11th street to Colorado lagoon

- need to rethink what right-of-way should be

- meeting coming up (3rd District?)

- btwn 7th & 8th, native plants being put back / consider a children's park or dog walk for other tracts?


  1. Website – Christine

- Christine, Dianne, and Al have met twice

- making progress and learning how to work site

 -would like to incorporate a Facebook link (Christine will contact Karly)

- goal is to have complete and live site before next month's meeting

- streaming photos to be added later (Al asked for people to submit photos)


  1. Membership Drive & Renewals

- Dianne needs help with administrative paperwork (once a year commitment)


  1. Newsletter – April 1 issue on track

- now 12 pages long (supported by more ads)

- Volunteers always needed to distribute


  1. Totes & T’s

- Sample of totes available to consider – input requested (people seemed to like canvas best)

- regular tote is $5 ($2.50 profit)

- canvas tote is $8 ($2 profit)-->Al suggested we charge more


  1. Upcoming Meetings

- April & May: Maureen needs help with fliers for to be distributed at local businesses and - Al volunteered

- June: Port’s 100th Anniversary (June 26). Request that guest speaker address Clean Air plan.


V.    Bike Master Plan – Courtney Aguirreand Thomas Fields, Bike Long Beach

A.         Encourage everyone to attend a meeting on Sat. March 19th at Bixby Park;  This meeting will start with a bike ride from 10am-11:30am, then end with a chance to mark up maps and provide cyclist and driver input to the Master Plan. Go to to give feedback.

B.         They do an updated bike plan every 10 years

C.         This update over 6-8 months-->infrastructure plan first, then policy later

D.         Hosting 9 meetings to cover all districts

E.         New fact sheets on separated bike lanes to educate public were made available

F.         Some examples of updates in consideration:

               -Alamitos to Junipero on 3rd

               -plan for Bike Boulevard along 6th St. to Bellflower is funded

G.         4/2 Opening Day for Downtown separated bike lanes (3rd & Broadway lanes)


Meeting adjourned 8:15

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