BHCA June 2016 Monthly Meeting Minutes

June 8, 2016

The meeting was called to order by Maureen Neeley, President, at 7:10 p.m.


Maureen introduced the board members who were present and special guests including:  Fern Nueno, LB City Planner, Bill Thomas on behalf of the Municipal Band, and Jack Cunningham, 3rd District Field Office.

Meeting Sponsor

Maureen introduced Mark Vidor, a local dentist, his wife Helen, and his office staff. Dr. Vidor has a general and cosmetic dental practice at 5580 East 2nd St in Naples. Maureen thanked Dr. Vidor and his staff for sponsoring our meeting.

Guest speakers:

Bill Thomas – Friends of the Long Beach Municipal Band

Bill provided an overview of the band’s season including the fact that this year they will hold 6 concerts. The Friends raised $30,000 which was matched by the City in order to add the 6th concert (the cost for one performance is $60,000 for the 40 piece band).

Donations continue to come in but Bill encouraged everyone to support the band. Donations can be made by check or on-line by credit card. Contact the Foundation at 562-435-9033 for details or go on-line at – choose the “donate” button, select Friends of the Long Beach Municipal Band icon and donate. Donations are tax-deductible! Ten local restaurants are participating in a picnic box program. Email [email protected] for details.

Fern Nueno

Maureen introduced Fern Nueno, Planner, and thanked her for coming and providing an overview of the LB2035 Plan.

The goals of the plan are the following:

  • Allocate financial resources for services and improvements
  • Sustain a diverse and competitive economy
  • Retain the character of residential neighborhoods
  • Provide choices for housing and mobility
  • Become a smarter city
  • Encourage sustainable development

Fern provided an overview including the following:

  • The 2035 plan is a comprehensive, long-term plan that creates a vision for the future of Long Beach
  • It establishes goals and policies for future development
  • It is required by state law
  • The plan does not change existing neighborhoods; corridors are targeted for change; in Belmont Heights Redondo, 4th, 7th, and Broadway from Redondo to Termino
  • 13% of the City is proposed to change
  • The plan is responding to an increased need for housing including State and regional requirements
  • Includes elements such as Land Use Element (LUE), Urban Design Element (UDE), Mobility Element, Housing Element, and Historic Preservation Element
    • Land Use Element Map identifies locations for various uses as well as policies and objectives for development standards, including height and density

View Land Use Map here

  • Plan includes policies and objectives for development standards, including height and density. The following diagram illustrates how allowing more height may create a more visually appealing structure:

View FAR Illustration here

  • The Urban Design Element includes the concept of PlaceTypes that defines
    • Physical character of the urban environment
    • Building form and character; moving away from old standards and looking more at design; form can affect feeling of community
    • Relationship between people and place
    • Historical context and existing development patterns
    • Pedestrian spaces, connectivity, and linkages

The following illustration and map outline the various Place Types included in the plan:

View Place Type Illustrations here

View Place Type Map here

  • The Plan is intentionally broad but will be used to make decisions about specific applications
  • Zoning guidelines will be developed based on the general plan; zoning guidelines will include more specific regulations for land use and building

Fern outlined the next steps:

The draft environmental impact report is being completed and should be available in July; hearing dates have not yet been set

Comments and Questions from the Audience:

Does the plan include parking ratios?


Plan is not specific in this regard; zoning codes will address parking; parking depends on land use; City’s approach to parking standards is based on engineering and other standards

Does the plan include a mobility element?


That element was developed in 2013

What is happening along 4th St?


Height changes to 3 stories from Redondo to Park (area in BH) but use will not change

When will public hearings be held? When is the DEIR scheduled for release?

Answer: DEIR should be released by end of June/early July and will allow for a 45 day public comment period. Comments can be sent to [email protected]

The entire 2035 Plan can be viewed at the following website:

Business Meeting

Jack Cunningham, 3rd District Council Office, reviewed the following:

  • Passage of A & B tax measures will result in the opening of Fire Station 8
  • The Colorado Lagoon mitigation project is on schedule to begin in September
  • July 16 is the grand opening celebration of the PEROW between 7th and Termino
  • 420 Grand submitted designs that include 3 offices in the building – everyone was happy to hear the news

Questions to Jack:

  • When will the Broadway striping be done – in progress as of 7/1/2016
  • What is happening with the 6th St Bike Blvd – the City still does not have all the necessary funding
  • Measure A&B – who will sit on the advisory committee? Jack promised to get back to the group
  • What is the status of the PEROW between Ximeno and Park? Plan is to break ground by September and complete by the end of the year
  • Question about crosswalks at 6th and Park – they are planned as part of the 6th St bike blvd

Bill Marshall – Team Leader Parking

Bill provided a report on the parking committee:

  • The team has lots of ideas
  • Currently addressing parking on Newport between Broadway and Vista; residents are considering permit parking
  • The team is talking with Alamitos Beach, a group that has identified some good parking solutions

Ardis Laine – Team Leader Noise

Ardis reported that the team is focusing on how to support change to the helicopter noise issue. A “call for help” will be published in the next newsletter

Sydney Simon – Treasurer

View Sydney's financial report here:

Linda Pemberton – Membership

Linda reported that we have 178 members – the most ever! Thanks to all!

Dianne Sundstrom – Logo

Dianne thanked Doug Walker to his work in designing our new logo:

She also acknowledged Doug’s continuing work on our signal boxes as well as all the artists who submitted ideas for the logo.

Maureen reviewed the following BHCA Monthly meetings:

July 13th           SEASP

August             No meeting – Summer Vacation                   

Sept 14th         Bungalow Kev

Oct  12th         Meet the Candidates

Nov   9th          LB Geological Past

December       No meeting – Holiday Party

The meeting was adjourned at 9:00 PM.

Respectfully submitted,
Dianne Sundstrom, Secretary
July 1, 2016

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