BHCA June 2011 Meeting Minutes

Minutes from June 8, 2011 monthly meeting

I.     Welcome – Dianne Sundstrom

Introduced other board members present:  John Fries, Cindi Rogan, Christine Gonzalez, Maureen Neeley, Gordana Kajer


A.         The BHCA sent a position letter on the 2nd & PCH EIR regarding updating SEADIP to the Planning Commission and will send the same letter to all Council members and the Mayor. Read a copy of the letter attached to these minutes. 

Letter to Councilman DeLong

B.   The BHCA supported the Izmir Grove Sister-City Project at the Parks/Rec/Marine meeting. The project was approved pending successful fund-raising.

C.   Membership in the BHCA is growing; 23 new members have joined since January 1; thus far we have 19 renewing members with 12 of those a result of our membership renewal drive.

D.       Improvements on 4th & Ximeno are in the works; plans for improvements and beautification on Broadway near Redondo are moving along.

E.       A proposal regarding converting to gas-powered leaf blowers was sent to Councilman DeLong for review.

F.   Tote bags are now available – Gordana showed a sample. Donation is $8 each or $5 with a membership renewal. T-Shirts are also available for a $15 donation.

G.       We are scheduling a meeting with Alamitos Heights to discuss how to keep the lighted Christmas trees in the Lagoon. Two members have volunteered to help with the project. We welcome any ideas for raising funds to support this project.

H.       The July 13 meeting will be dedicated to reviewing the proposed plans for Broadway and Redondo. Please come and encourage neighbors to do the same. We will take a summer recess in August and meet again in September.

I.       The Restoration Trade Fair will be held September 25, 2011 at Luther Burbank Elementary School. We need volunteers to man our table. More details will be posted on the website.


II.     Treasurer's Report – John Fries

  1. John reported that there was approximately $3000 in the account, out of which we will paying for the April and July newsletters.  Printing the newsletters costs approximately $1200 for each issue; the majority of those costs are covered by ads. Our funds go primarily toward communications with members, insurance for meeting location, and up-front funding of t-shirts and totes.


III.     Website update – Christine Gonzalez

  1. The website – is up and running and Facebook is almost complete. Christine passed around her laptop so everyone could see both sites.

  2. Dianne thanked Mike Stewart for starting us on the path of technology with our original website. Al Holden, Christine Gonzalez, Karly Watson, and Dianne have been instrumental in the latest revision.


IV.   Guest Speaker – Mario Ernesto Gonzalez, MPA, Port of Long Beach

  1. Presentation of the 100th year anniversary of the Port. Invited all to the celebration on June 25.

  2. If you are interested in signing up for a free harbor tour, please contact:

    Mario Ernesto Gonzalez

    [email protected]


V.     Guest Speaker – Dave Roseman, Traffic Engineer, City of Long Beach as well as Wing Ma and Steve Tweed also from the Traffic Engineering Division

A.           Presented findings from the Vista Bike Boulevard study. Resulting recommendations are:

1.   Putting two way stops back at the "circle intersections" on the north - south streets.  This will provide control yet maintain an uninterrupted east – west route for cyclists.

2.   Install a few circle signs along Vista.

3.   Put in new roundabout signs at Park and Ximeno

4.   Install a few Vista Bike Boulevard signs (exact sign to be determined; once a prototype is constructed, residents will be asked for feedback).

Please see the article in the summer newsletter for more details and photos.


VI.   Update from Councilman DeLong

  1. Explained his support for restrictions on Second Street bar hours.

  2. Took questions on other neighborhood issues

  3. Tote bags were presented to the Councilmember and his staff on behalf of the BHCA in recognition of the work they do for Belmont Heights.

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