BHCA February 2011 Meeting Minutes


  1. Dianne Sundstrom, President, welcomed everyone and introduced the BHCA board members that were present (Gordana Kajer, VP; Craig Starnes, member at-large; Christine Gonzalez, new board member and member at-large).
  2. Dianne Sundstrom noted that we have approximately $1500 in our account after paying printing costs for the winter, 2011 newsletter. $120 of ad revenue is still outstanding.
  3. Julie Maleki, Councilman DeLong’s Administrative Analyst, updated us on:
  4. Budgeting for sidewalk repairs is underway with the following sidewalks targeted for replacement in the Heights:
  5. 6th between Loma & Grand
  6. Vista between Redondo & Newport
  7. Broadway between Park & St. Joseph
  8. And, if funding permits, Prospect between Shaw & Colorado
  9. Vista Bike Path – Car counts will be done in March; roundabout signs should be up in approximately 60 days; waiting on brackets from contractor in order to install official Bike Blvd signs; a raised diverter will be installed on Vista at Redondo in order to prevent cars from crossing Redondo or turning left. A member raised the issue that the signs on Vista at Redondo are confusing for motorists (west bound). Julie Maleki will follow-up with the City.
  10. PE right-of-way: Gary DeLong’s office is working with the County Supervisor, Don Knabe, to secure $70,000 in funding to do community outreach and feedback regarding plans to create a green space/garden in the PE right-of-way. 
  11. Curb Repairs: Based on input from residents, Julie has asked the City to repair curbs at the following locations:
  12. 4205 Broadway
  13. 3800 1st
  14. 3813 and 3815 1st
  15. 3739 5th
  16. Based on feedback from residents, Julie has also asked Code Enforcement to look at 535 Grand. Concerns were also raised about whether or not the burned property on 5th requires an EIR, references to which have been circulating in the neighborhood. There is also general concern about the appearance and how long the neighbors will have to look at this visual blight. Julie has asked Development Services to clarify the question of an EIR. However, since the property is privately owned, there is little the City can do re expediting sale of the property.  Update re EIR on burned property: this is not required so the information received was not accurate.

       It was requested that Julie follow up on the status of the Mills Act. Since the meeting, Development Services sent an email stating that the City’s historic consultant will be reviewing and inventorying the existing Mills Act contracts to determine compliance and if they should be renewed in the next few months.  Once that process is complete, the Department will likely determine if new applications will be accepted. That process will not take place until later this year.

  1. Dianne Sundstrom presented 7 potential board candidates as follows: Dianne Sundstrom, Gordana Kajer, John Fries, Maureen Neeley, Cindi Rogan, Craig Starnes and Christine Gonzalez. Dianne asked for a motion to approve the platform. Gordana Kajer motioned and Bette McKinney seconded and all approved. Dianne noted the platform would be posted on the BHCA website. Since we have had limited interest from our members re board positions, Dianne stated that we are in violation of the bylaws in that board members, in some positions, have served more than three consecutive terms in the same office. Dianne asked for a revision to the bylaws that would allow a board member to serve more than three consecutive terms. Gordana Kajer made such a position, seconded by Craig Starnes and approved by all. Article 111, Part 1.B will be modified in that the following sentence will be deleted: “No member shall serve more than three consecutive terms in the same office.”
  2. BHCA Updates:
  3. Broadway/Redondo: A meeting is schedule on February 17 with the task force and City to review plans and determine next steps. 
  4. 4th and Ximeno: Cindi Rogan provided a written update: 3 of the 4 property owners have been contacted re improvements and generally seem receptive to ideas. Some minor improvements are already taking place. Carol McKelvy, a new member, offered to assist with the project.
  5. 420 Grand: City Council upheld the Planning Commission’s decision to not allowa conditional use permit at the property. Congratulations to the surrounding neighbors for coordinating such an effective response to this request.
  6. T-shirts etc. Gordana Kajer is in the process of pulling together the financial picture re sales of t-shirts. Since the meeting, that was completed and we are currently making a profit of $2.94/shirt. Gordana also received positive feedback regarding the possibility of marketing a reusable tote with the BHCA logo. She will be bringing back a financial overview for approval.
  7. Newsletter: We continue to need assistance with different aspects of the newsletter: soliciting ads; distribution, and, as always, writers. Two new members, Bill Orton and Lizzy Miller, offered to help with distribution. If you are interested in any aspect of the newsletter production, please contact Dianne @ 562-221-5518 or through the contact link on the website.
  8. Website Update: Our new board member, Christine Gonzalez, is going to assist with getting the new site up and running. Christine will also help with advertising for the newsletter.  
  9. Leaf Blower Noise:
  10. John Shisko felt that response from the community at large was not significant and questioned the need to proceed. However, others in the group felt strong about moving forward to see what possible changes could be made. John will organize a committee of interested residents and explore options. Lizzy Miller, a new member, will assist John. Gordana Kajer also volunteered.
  11. A recommendation was made to write a “letter to the editor” in the Grunion Gazette about leaf blower noise to raise community awareness.
  1. The March 9th meeting will feature Thomas Fields with an overview of the city’s Master Bike Plan.  The April/May meetings will focus on home design, both exterior  and interior  – information on topics/speakers etc will be forthcoming.

Submitted by DIANNE SUNDSTROM, President

February 16, 2011

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